Where I’ve Been…

Hi lovely friends and fighters, I wanted to do an update on some of the reasons I’ve been absent. Before I do that though, I want to thank you all, truly, for your understanding.

I know if anyone could understand the stress involved in maintaining any website or community it would be you all. Because for us, taking a legitimate shower, the kind where you clean your body and wash your hair, well, that’s an olympic feat. I knew this going into Lyme Chick’s creation. I knew that this would have to be a side project of sorts, meaning my first duty was to get healthy. That any energy or emotional strength I had left would go to Lyme Chick because it was and still is my absolute passion. To possibly take the fear and endless mystery out of one procedure for one person. To have someone not feel brutally alone and at their lowest low then I have succeeded.

That is why I committed the extra energy I had to this. I am here for you. I want to be here for you. But, as many have pointed out in rude and less rude versions, I have not been there for everyone. I couldn’t and that is for a multitude of reasons. It is remarkably easy to think that if I am sick I have absolutely no excuse not to respond to 17,000+ people. Your opinion of me, Maisie or Lyme Chick is yours that you’re one hundred percent entitled to. It is absolutely none of my business. All I can do is explain what IS my business, and that is this site. You see, when I went into the world of blogging and making YouTube videos I didn’t know what it entailed, truly. I didn’t know that the thoughts I would have swirling around my brain for months, and sometimes years, surrounding my efforts and Lyme Chick, would be that of extreme guilt and heart-palpitation-worthy anxiety. I didn’t know those feelings would overpower any feelings of pride. It wasn’t a job I was up to most days. That is, maintaining something as personal and raw as what is essentially a diary of my trials and tribulations of being a chronically ill “serial patient.”

My last post, promoting Light Found You, the song I wrote and recorded for Lyme awareness was in May. That is not what you would call a consistent blogger, I am aware. And I am not someone with consistent health, as you surely are aware. I don’t say this for any other reason than to help this community understand why I unwittingly took a step back from it.

When you put yourself in any version of the public eye, hate is expected. There is not a single user of the internet that doesn’t know that. But this was only a small part of the equation of why I stepped away.

I was fighting for something I still haven’t found. Health. As someone in this position, as a patient with a keenness for writing, and not a licensed health practitioner or doctor or expert of anything (except possibly how to make felines your friend…) I was in no position to answer your medical questions. As a girl with a knack for overanalyzing, being sensitive and having anxiety attacks at the drop of a hat, I could not give that much of myself away. I could not take on your burdens because I was struggling under the weight of my own. It is not because I didn’t care. It is not because I was too lazy. It is not because I was ungrateful for your support. It is because I did not have any spark left in my spirit that I wasn’t already showing here.

Thank you for understanding. I see your struggle and I applaud your efforts to heal. Taking a step back was one of mine.

Love and healing,
Maisie aka Lyme Chick

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My song, “Light Found You” IN STORES NOW!

Available on iTunes and Amazon! Link to buy below – this song means everything to me. It’s my way of showing everyone in this crazy chronic illness world that we can pull through, together, I promise. Oh, and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the 
Tick-Borne Disease Alliance! Fight on, I love you.

iTUNES: http://bit.ly/1jcHIXW

AMAZON: http://amzn.to/1luEWMw

Links to videos below. Lyric video and explanation video coming so soon!

Teaser Video: http://youtu.be/HwmAvb18dXE

Sneak Peek: http://youtu.be/jwuZdcNW1Cg

Mainew  2



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How to Stop Asking, “Why?”

I will start this by saying I had no intention to write this post. I still don’t really know what I’m doing but I wanted to do what I’ve always wanted to do, share my stories and struggles in the hopes of making any one person feel less alone.

So to be honest, I haven’t been a “good” sick girl lately. Meaning, I haven’t followed my own advice. I haven’t been positive, I haven’t been cheerful or full of inspiring quotes. I’ve been truly depressed and hurting, physically and certainly emotionally. As I was reflecting on these feelings this morning, I asked myself what exactly was the cause. Why was I feeling so badly this month as opposed to every other one. I realized I had fallen back into an old pattern, the constantly asking, “WHY?”

It’s written in all my old journals from five years ago. There is my arthritic handwriting in blue ink asking these same questions over and over again,

“Why is this happening to me?”

“Why won’t the pain go away?”

“Why can’t I do a single thing outside of my bed?”

Then a few pages later, I’ve controlled the self-pity and regained my tough-luck approach of dealing with these feelings. Something is written on the pages along the lines of, “Get over it, Maisie. Everyone is dealt different cards in life, deal with yours.”

I think there’s a nice sweet spot in between these two approaches I have in dealing with my crazy, loud, uncontrollable feelings. I think you must absolutely be kind to yourself, but not let that kindness turn into self pity. Because self pity only harms you, it will erode your insides until you’re left in a depression that only you can pull yourself out of. While being too hard on yourself can leave you feeling broken and hopeless. I used my tendency of being overly critical of myself to fuel me, I used it to motivate me to get out of the rut I was in. I became even more dedicated to my treatment and healing. I stopped asking,

“Why am I doing everything perfectly and still being so invaded by illnesses?”

I started rewarding myself for doing everything right. I try to listen to my body and I give it what it needs. Lately, I’ve been housebound and essentially bed-bound. And that’s okay. That is all my body can do right now. So I’ve stopped asking, why? And started being more of a friend to myself. That’s the most valuable lesson I’ve learned through writing this all down. I hope you have too. Be you’re own best friend first. Your body, mind, and soul will pull you through. And when you stop asking, “WHY?” you might just feel better. Or you might laugh at yourself a little for asking it too much. I’ve done all of these things. Propped up in bed with pillows and heating pads. 😉

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Lyme Chick

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Lyme Chicks.

May your New Year be filled with love, light, and HEALTH! Xo


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Well-Scent Essential Oil Lyme Specific Blends Review

The lovely Candice from Infectiously Optimistic reached out to me last week to see if I’d be willing to review some Well Scent products. Well Scent is a holistic apothecary of organic and wildcrafted botanicals that strongly support wellness and well-being. Well Scent also happens to be owned by a fellow Lyme Fighter, Stacy. I immediately wanted to know more. I’m a huge lover and believer of essential oils. I always have either lavender or peppermint essential oils diffusing in my essential oil diffuser. I feel like they ground me and make the awful days, well, slightly less awful and slightly more tolerable! So when I heard that there was a new essential oil company catering to Lyme specifically, I was over the moon!

The Well-Scent team was kind enough to not only send me the more Lyme-specific blends but also included a few extras as well, Smile and Renew which I adore and would encourage you to check out on their site if you have any interest.

Balance Oil Balance: Ahh. Thats the the first thing I can utter when I smell this beauty. It’s calming but also motivating. Soothing and energizing. Very strong hints of cedarwood and rosemary as well as subtle blood orange. This blend was made to support Lyme, immune function, lymph function, and lung function; it is antimicrobial as well.

Benefits: Strong support for the immune system.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Balance: Must dilute if using topically. If taking internally, consult a practitioner for support.

Emotional Aspect: Grounding and balancing, yet still energizing.

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use of Balance: I’d put a few drops of this into my diffuser to keep winter colds and germs away! The natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic properties of this oil make it a great tool to have in your arsenal to protect yourself from winter colds and flus.

Watch Your MouthWatch Your Mouth: Wow, this smells…CLEAN. But smelling wasn’t enough to get this oils benefit. First thought upon using as directed? My teeth have NEVER felt this clean! This blend of oils are clinically proven to reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities and heart disease. Hundreds of times stronger than toothpaste yet gentle and well tolerated. It provides local and systemic support. This potent blend is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Benefits: Local and systemic support. Reduce inflammation and infection. Powerfully effective against bad breath.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Watch Your Mouth:

1-3 drops on a dry tooth brush, can also dip into bowl of sea salt
or baking soda (aluminum free please)
• 1 drop massaged into gums, especially areas where the pockets
are low and the dentin is exposed
• 1-3 drops added to salt-water for a mouthwash
• 1-3 drops on tongue through the day to freshen breath
• 1 drop on cankers sores; herpes lesions
• 1-3 drops to salt-water and gargle for sore throats

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use of Watch Your Mouth:

I’m a longtime canker-sore sufferer. I could complain for hours about those miserable, tiny, evil, meal-ruining infections. HOURS.  But luckily for you, dear reader, you’ve been spared because I’ve found something to stop those jerks in their tracks! Upon seeing Well-Scents suggested use of Watch Your Mouth for cankers sores, I decided to give it a go. Because, why not? It was either that or have an extra source of pain for days and days until it healed. I applied one drop of Watch Your Mouth to a Q-Tip and immediately held that down on my canker sore for about 30-40 seconds. I had already brushed my teeth and I went straight to bed without drinking water so the oil could have time to “sink in” and do its job. Well on Saturday morning I woke up canker-pain free! The sore was still there but not nearly as inflamed or infected looking and the pain was gone!

Primitooth-175x250PrimiTooth – Brightener and Polish: This blend works as an exfoliant, brightener and polish. I decided to use this in place of my normal toothpaste for two nights and man was I feeling sparkly clean!

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, inhibit dental plaque formation and protects gums against numerous insults, very alkalinizing, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, effective support for periodontal and gum infections.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of PrimiTooth: As a replacement for toothpaste. This works synergistically with Watch Your Mouth. Dip toothbrush into powder after adding Watch Your Mouth. Just the tiniest bit will do.

GoGofromSusie-175x250Go-Go: Mmm. One smell of this has me reminiscent of one of my childhood favorite soothing smells, Vicks VapoRub! So imagine my excitement when I discovered this not only had all the benefits of Vicks, but more! This blend stimulates circulation which can be helpful for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and sinus support. Excellent support for colds and bronchial conditions.

Benefits of Skin Brushing with Go-Go:

●Breaks-down cellulite

●Improves circulation

●Firms skin

●Stimulates lymph drainage

●Stimulates acupuncture meridians

●Strong detoxication support

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Go-Go: Wear as a chest rub with bronchial and upper respiratory colds or infections. Can be applied directly to chest and bottoms of feet (before bed.) Can be used for support with detoxification and lymphatic drainage with the addition of a Clarisonic brush on neck and around the clavicle area or with a simple natural skin brush as well over the entire body.

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use: I like to skin brush (I use this one) with Go-Go all over my whole body before stepping into a hot Epsom bath. That way, I get my detox pathways moving and the dead skin off before I bathe, which then allows the Epsom to do an even better job of pulling the toxins out.

If you’re interested in these incredible products, please visit http://www.well-scent.com

And thanks Well-Scent team for letting me sample and discover these gems!


Lyme Chick

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An Open Letter to my Chronic-Illness Fighting Body:

Dear Body, 

     I don’t know what I should start with… should I first thank you for carrying me safely through every shitty, terrifying thing you’ve been put through? Or should I first apologize for being rude and ugly to you? For cursing you out for every scar and bruise. For sobbing and screaming out of frustration and blaming you. You see, deep down, the part of me that is writing this knows that you aren’t to blame. I know that you have tried your hardest since the day I came into this world (25 weeks and 5 days premature and only 1lb, 12oz.) 


But there is another part of me, Dear Body, on the days when I’m in too much pain to fathom sitting up and too exhausted to form a sentence that I get so damn disappointed in you. The questions start making themselves too prominent to ignore, the what ifs start polluting my brain. Why must you put me through the ringer? Why can’t I go out for a night without paying for it miserably for a week? Why can’t my body rally for the things my mind can’t stop nagging me about? What if I’d never been taken down by the tremendous weight of chronic illnesses? Where would I be in life if I’d stayed healthy? What kind of life would I have today? A better one? 


I think anyone with a chronic illness is familiar with this torturous mind game. When you live this way every day you start to idealize every day before it. Meaning, you look back on your healthy days and suddenly they’re the most extraordinary days you’ve ever experienced. This is a mind game, Dear Body, and it’s a cruel and completely false one at that. Because what you’re not remembering in your reminiscing, is that those days were not perfect, they were not flawless. You were no prettier or smarter or more intriguing or popular than you are now. I promise. The difference, dear Body? The difference, is that back then you had people around you, not just friends or family but your teachers and your checkout cashiers and your baristas and your acquaintances at the gym. These people, while not necessarily teaching you anything or saying anything remarkable, they were reminders. Reminders that you were part of a community. 


For the past four years, my community has mostly just been you, Body. I woke up one morning four years ago and you told me I wasn’t ready to face the day. I didn’t know back then that that was just a small indicator of us not being able to face many, many days. I didn’t know yet the battle we were about to fight. I had no idea you’d have scars, and bruises and injuries. I had no clue you’d go through surgeries, and organ removals, and every diagnostic test known to man. I hadn’t fathomed you’d be poked and prodded with needles, IVs, PICC lines, spinal taps and shots. I didn’t realize we’d face one delicate, dismal diagnoses after another. I didn’t know the pain you were capable of facing, the fiery, deep pain that Dilaudid could barely take the edge off. The heart-stopping sadness you were able to overcome. You see, Body, I immensely underestimated you, and for that I am so very sorry. I didn’t know how strong you were until that was your only option. Thank you, Body, for carrying me through these chronic illnesses. Thank you for being stronger than I ever realized. 



A newly appreciative Lyme Chick

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How To: Get Through the Dog Days of Chronic Illness.

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Make Inanna House a Reality

This cause is truly so incredible that it sounds too good to believe. The wild thing is though, it’s not. Mara Williams (who guest posted here on Lyme Chick 6 months ago!) is the founder and CEO of this amazing vision, Inanna House. She is also a Nurse Practicioner and Energetic Healer who has worked as a healthcare provider for over 30 years. Oh yeah, and she wrote this stunning book, Nature’s Dirty Needle.

The always inspiring and awesome Sarah Lamando (of A Slice of Lyme) created this campaign in a tireless effort to fundraise for Inanna House; A supportive and safe place for Chronic Lyme patients to receive treatment, while integrating the best of all health modalities to achieve optimum results for each client, which includes a body, mind, and spirit connection and reintegration. Which she is fiercely fighting to see built.

Sarah and I collaborated to illustrate just how extraordinary The Inanna House has the potential to be, if we are successful in meeting our financial goal… That’s where this video came in to play. We both are keenly aware of how staggering and financially crippling the cost of this disease is. We also both would have given our right arm to have had access to a place such as the Inanna House at the start of our battles with this disease.

Put simply, ANY amount helps. If you are unable to contribute please watch and share the video. We can do this. This is within our reach. And we owe it to each other and ourselves to make this a reality.

Contribute: www.indiegogo.com/inannahouse

Find Inanna House here too:



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Accepting Your Diagnoses: A Bittersweet Feat

This is something I’ve never written about or shared with just about anyone. And now I finally have some perspective as to why that is. When I started this site just over two years ago I finally was embracing my diagnoses and trying to make something positive out of it. I wanted others to not feel as alone and helpless as I had.

The moment I started this site was also the moment I stopped being in denial: this was my first step in what I believe is a crucial part of every Lyme Warriors recovery; Acceptance.

The first 3 months after my diagnoses I was in complete and total denial. I am ashamed to admit how ignorant I was. How close minded and sure of myself. Sure that I was right. Sure that this mystery ailment was mono or a prolonged virus or a result of exhaustion and that it would go away tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day.

I don’t think I am alone in this. I don’t think anyone wants to face the facts when it comes to this sort of diagnoses. This murky undefined world and all that comes with it when you’re stamped with this diagnoses. The never-ending controversial aspects, the stigma, the treatments that sometimes do more harm that good, the treatments that do help but cost you and your family money that you’d hope to use for something else, and my favorite, the doubt and disbelief from people everyday that Chronic Lyme even exists.

Taking this all into consideration it is easy to understand why one would go into denial. Who wants to face all this overnight? But I believe that accepting and embracing your diagnoses and the temporary bizarre Lyme world that you are living, is the first healthy step to recovery.

So here’s my video to Lyme Chicks and Lyme Guys out there. Accepting this doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you fragile or beleaguered or pitiful. It makes you incredibly strong and resilient and tough. It makes you a fearless fighter.

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A Lyme Chick’s Perspective on Friendships

I have often wished that I had a spiel or speech memorized to spew at people about my daily life with Lyme and all that it entails.  A quick summary I could give them that could hopefully get them not only to understand, but also serve as a subtle way of warning them that friendships and relationships with people with Lyme can be trying and difficult on both ends.

For us, all we want is empathy and compassion. We want to be cut some slack in advance for the inevitable ways in which we’ll unwittingly let you down. We want you to understand that not calling or emailing back wasn’t a dig, it was because we couldn’t get out from underneath the covers. We want you to understand that ‘looking good’ is in no way equivalent to feeling good, nor is forgetfulness equivalent to not caring. I could elaborate, as could all Lyme Chicks (and we did) but the one side I admittedly never gave much thought to was how hard it could be on the friend, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or parent of someone with Lyme…

That was the thought that sparked this video.

This is dedicated to the friends and family of all us Lyme Chicks, the people that have so graciously taken on the confusing and mystifying universe of Lyme disease with us. The ones who stood by us and attempted to understand what we couldn’t even begin to explain. This is for everyone who’s been left confused and hurt or completely baffled as to how to be a friend to someone with Lyme. This is for everyone who’s put in the effort. Thank you.

Thoughts from other Lyme Chicks

“Expect a strong willed person who through the tears and suffering always pulls through. Expect to want to do everything for her, but also rest easy in the fact that she would rather do things herself. Expect someone you would be very proud of.”  – Strep Thrd Degree

“Expect a friend who may still seem normal at times but may seem totally strange at other times; a friend who is hurting, more than words can describe; a friend who wants to still be there for you and do regular things but who may be limited in doing so at times; a friend who is having to work really hard just to do the simple things like get up out of bed in the morning; Sometimes people are afraid to talk about Lyme and sometimes people don’t know how to talk about anyone else. Expect that your friend is going to have ups and downs, good times and bad times, that one doesn’t just ‘get over the Lyme’ – it’s a whole long awful process. Expect that it may be tough to be her friend at times but that she needs you very much.” – Melinda McNamara Kassing

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