Air Diet…

So today, I met with my LLMD. I love and trust my LLMD and it was a pretty good appointment (not to mention I left with a prescription for percocet, which I was in desperate need of!) One thing, that has had me bummed all day though, was the added restrictive diet to my already strict vegan diet. This means no yeast, no sugar (crying!), no gluten added to my usual meat, eggs, dairy, fish free vegan diet.

I was moping all day. (Also STARVING) Somehow veganism always came very easily to me, before I was a vegan, I was a vegetarian and it just seemed normal and delicious. But I am definitely mourning the loss of gluten, sugar, and yeast from my diet.
But…that said, as of this moment I am stopping the moping and being positive. Yay!

Below I’ve listen some fantastic new websites I’ve come across that are either vegan & gluten free, or vegan, yeast/sugar free, that I’m going to mix and match and give their recipes a shot! I’ll also be posting a food diary (exciting I know!) if that will be of any help to anyone…! Here we go.. happy eating 🙂







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Lyme Disease advocate/warrior still learning about Lyme treatments/recovery and wishing to inform, support, and commiserate with others along the way.
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One Response to Air Diet…

  1. dizzygrl05 says:

    You might check out Gluten Free Goddess – she’s got a wonderful, wonderful site. It was the first place I found when we went GF. But… she does use sugar & sometimes yeast. I just pick and choose recipes, and have learned how to replace the sugar at times with stevia.

    I’ll check out these other links though! I haven’t heard of some of them. Affairs of living is awesome though!!

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