Stopping Antibiotics! (For a week)

For a year straight now I’ve been on antibiotics of some kind to treat Lyme and co-infections. In the beginning of the year it was Doxycycline, Ketek, and Mepron. Then Bicillin shots for 5 months, then Rocephin IV, then Ceftin and Valtrex, and finally Minocycline, Zithromax, Tindamax, and Plaquenil.

Starting today though I’m taking a break from my antibiotic regimen, in the hopes that I can start to eat again. Because for the past month its been a struggle to eat, or keep anything down. I’m hoping this break will allow me to introduce some mild food back into my diet.

And if the antibiotics are the reason for this current puke fest. Then I’ll have to go the rocephin or bicillin route again.

Always an adventure….!



About Lyme Chick

Lyme Disease advocate/warrior still learning about Lyme treatments/recovery and wishing to inform, support, and commiserate with others along the way.
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