Lyme Chick’s Guide to: Looking Less Zombie & More Human

Here’s a little something I hope all Lyme Chicks will appreciate! These products have helped me on the days I look truly scary & at death’s door. They’re super easy, quick, and make-up-free-fixes because most days, makeup and the effort it entails is totally out of the question for me!

1. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is absolutely crucial for Lyme patients anyway. It’s essential to detoxing, pushing toxins through, and overall balance as our bodies are, on average, 60% water. But its benefits can also immediately be seen in your skin, eliminating dullness and dryness. I drink about 64 oz of water daily. In my opinion, it’s absolutely vital for accompanying any Lyme treatment. And has the added benefit of skin-brightening… so drink up!

2. Fake an 8 Hours Rest

My eyes seemed to be prone to puffiness and dark circles before I even knew of Lyme, but over the past 2 years the zombie circles have been exacerbated beyond belief and I’m constantly on the hunt for products that might give the illusion that I’ve gotten a full 8 hours (or that I’m not chronically ill) I’ve tried everything under the sun, but Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye which I apply before bed, in combination with their Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer really has done an incredible job of helping the dark circles! *Please Note: I am not endorsing Kiehl’s nor am I affiliated with the company, just a recent fan. There are many similar, fabulous, less expensive drugstore products that work nicely as well!

3. Quench that inevitably dry skin!

My skin has become even more sensitive as well as dry since Lyme. It’s pretty ridiculous, it breaks out in a rash if you look at it the wrong way. My lips in particular are ALWAYS dry. I put lip balm on 10x in an hour, easily. Regularly moisturizing your skin and lips is an easy, effortless step to looking rosier and healthier.

4. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is seriously my best friend. (right after Zofran!) It is an absolute lifesaver on days when a shower is out of the question. It’s intended to be a quick fix, so don’t expect the results to last for days. But for those emergencies when a doctors appointment or an outing is looming- spritz this on and go. It’s a match made in Lyme Chick heaven.

5. Toner

Toner is lovely, in that it’s a super quick method to cleansing your face. Especially when not near a sink or too sick to get out of bed. It comes in handy under many circumstances, particularly when I was in the hospital, a swipe of toner refreshed me and made me feel a little less guilty about being unable to wash my face. An added bonus is choosing one with a soothing scent, I like rose and lavender.

So consider giving these a try the next time the mirror scares you… but on the days you can’t, be sure to own your appearance, whatever it may be that day. This is (temporarily) a part of what makes you you. And Lyme Chicks are fearless fighters. The first priority always being, kicking this!



About Lyme Chick

Lyme Disease advocate/warrior still learning about Lyme treatments/recovery and wishing to inform, support, and commiserate with others along the way.
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10 Responses to Lyme Chick’s Guide to: Looking Less Zombie & More Human

  1. Lyme Yogi says:

    i love that water bottle! i use it for hot and cold drinks. here are some other tips that have helped me and others: bamboo leaf tea is high in silica, which helps your skin, hair and nails from the inside out. i have read that it is highly recommended for “lymies”. i am still searching for it in stores with no luck so far. in the meantime, fish oil and evening primrose oil are my BFF’s…and they double as anti-inflammatories and help with brain fog…Omegas are also excellent for supporting a healthy white blood cell count so the body can tell those spirochetes who’s really boss. 🙂

  2. J says:

    Awesome post!!! I have to figure out how to subscribe (if I haven’t already, grrr Lyme brain)

  3. Great suggestions! What kind of dry shampoo do you recommend?

  4. First time I’ve heard someone say what I actually feel out loud about how I look at times. These tips are very helpful, thank you. Now if only they had motorized shoes for those days that I’m dragging to put one foot in front of the other…

  5. Halliday says:

    Tea bags(damp) or cold spoons also work for puffy eyes. When it comes to makeup, mineral powder foundations are amazingly quick and easy. They give coverage like an airbrush, but just take a few swishes of a brush.

  6. Lyme Yogi says:

    okay, me again. i copied and pasted info on bamboo leaf tea below from this link. i thought you may find it interesting:

    “Lately I’ve been drinking a lot of tea made from bamboo leaves. The bamboo leaf tea has about 350 mgs of silica per cup, it tastes great and also helps me sleep. This isn’t technically a real tea. It’s a tisane, or an infusion. Bamboo has the highest amount of silica, a basic mineral that our bodies slough off constantly in the form of dead skin cells, hair, and nail trimmings. Silica is the main ingredient in collagen, which is so essential to rebuild as collagen is destroyed by the Lyme bacteria.

    Especially as we get older we need to be mindful of getting enough silica to maintain the levels we need for healthy hair, skin, nails and bones. Studies are showing that silica is the body’s delivery system for calcium. So if you have enough silica in your diet, the calcium can be delivered to the organs properly. As an interesting side note, studies are also showing that this tea can pull out the aluminum in the body and brain. Researchers are intrigued by this finding, and it may be quite useful in cases of Alzheimer’s.”

    i also made some calls and found a company in NH that will special order it! they were actually just sent samples and literature that they are going to send me to make sure i like it. if i do, they said they would have it shipped to me! Yay! I’ll let you know how it goes. here is the link to the company if anyone is interested.

    also, if you ever need a break from ambien, perhaps this will help you sleep too, maisie. and thank you for all of your posts. i love reading them!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Great info! Especially the help with puffy eyes. I just found this website and I think it’s great! I was diagnosed with lyme disease back in 2006, and need all of the beauty help I can get. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  8. Onely says:

    GREAT idea for a post! = )
    My lips are always chapped too. It’s crazy-making. It gets worse if I don’t take my Bs. I am appreciative for Lyme Yogi’s bamboo leaf tea suggestion and will try that.

    Regarding dry shampoo. . . I always intended to try that because my scalp gets crazy oily and with my long hair it would get all dark and sticky by my forehead but perfectly fine in the rest of my hair. But instead of dry shampoo, I took another route and cut it all off so that it’s very short pixie style. I find that I can go several days without washing easily and it still looks fine. The extra oils give it a bit of a styling gel type “fix” and the color turns a little darker, but I still think it’s fine. Other people might think differently but so far no one has told me so. = )


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