Well-Scent Essential Oil Lyme Specific Blends Review

The lovely Candice from Infectiously Optimistic reached out to me last week to see if I’d be willing to review some Well Scent products. Well Scent is a holistic apothecary of organic and wildcrafted botanicals that strongly support wellness and well-being. Well Scent also happens to be owned by a fellow Lyme Fighter, Stacy. I immediately wanted to know more. I’m a huge lover and believer of essential oils. I always have either lavender or peppermint essential oils diffusing in my essential oil diffuser. I feel like they ground me and make the awful days, well, slightly less awful and slightly more tolerable! So when I heard that there was a new essential oil company catering to Lyme specifically, I was over the moon!

The Well-Scent team was kind enough to not only send me the more Lyme-specific blends but also included a few extras as well, Smile and Renew which I adore and would encourage you to check out on their site if you have any interest.

Balance Oil Balance: Ahh. Thats the the first thing I can utter when I smell this beauty. It’s calming but also motivating. Soothing and energizing. Very strong hints of cedarwood and rosemary as well as subtle blood orange. This blend was made to support Lyme, immune function, lymph function, and lung function; it is antimicrobial as well.

Benefits: Strong support for the immune system.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Balance: Must dilute if using topically. If taking internally, consult a practitioner for support.

Emotional Aspect: Grounding and balancing, yet still energizing.

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use of Balance: I’d put a few drops of this into my diffuser to keep winter colds and germs away! The natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-septic properties of this oil make it a great tool to have in your arsenal to protect yourself from winter colds and flus.

Watch Your MouthWatch Your Mouth: Wow, this smells…CLEAN. But smelling wasn’t enough to get this oils benefit. First thought upon using as directed? My teeth have NEVER felt this clean! This blend of oils are clinically proven to reduce the bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities and heart disease. Hundreds of times stronger than toothpaste yet gentle and well tolerated. It provides local and systemic support. This potent blend is antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.

Benefits: Local and systemic support. Reduce inflammation and infection. Powerfully effective against bad breath.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Watch Your Mouth:

1-3 drops on a dry tooth brush, can also dip into bowl of sea salt
or baking soda (aluminum free please)
• 1 drop massaged into gums, especially areas where the pockets
are low and the dentin is exposed
• 1-3 drops added to salt-water for a mouthwash
• 1-3 drops on tongue through the day to freshen breath
• 1 drop on cankers sores; herpes lesions
• 1-3 drops to salt-water and gargle for sore throats

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use of Watch Your Mouth:

I’m a longtime canker-sore sufferer. I could complain for hours about those miserable, tiny, evil, meal-ruining infections. HOURS.  But luckily for you, dear reader, you’ve been spared because I’ve found something to stop those jerks in their tracks! Upon seeing Well-Scents suggested use of Watch Your Mouth for cankers sores, I decided to give it a go. Because, why not? It was either that or have an extra source of pain for days and days until it healed. I applied one drop of Watch Your Mouth to a Q-Tip and immediately held that down on my canker sore for about 30-40 seconds. I had already brushed my teeth and I went straight to bed without drinking water so the oil could have time to “sink in” and do its job. Well on Saturday morning I woke up canker-pain free! The sore was still there but not nearly as inflamed or infected looking and the pain was gone!

Primitooth-175x250PrimiTooth – Brightener and Polish: This blend works as an exfoliant, brightener and polish. I decided to use this in place of my normal toothpaste for two nights and man was I feeling sparkly clean!

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, inhibit dental plaque formation and protects gums against numerous insults, very alkalinizing, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, effective support for periodontal and gum infections.

Well-Scents Suggested Use of PrimiTooth: As a replacement for toothpaste. This works synergistically with Watch Your Mouth. Dip toothbrush into powder after adding Watch Your Mouth. Just the tiniest bit will do.

GoGofromSusie-175x250Go-Go: Mmm. One smell of this has me reminiscent of one of my childhood favorite soothing smells, Vicks VapoRub! So imagine my excitement when I discovered this not only had all the benefits of Vicks, but more! This blend stimulates circulation which can be helpful for detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and sinus support. Excellent support for colds and bronchial conditions.

Benefits of Skin Brushing with Go-Go:

●Breaks-down cellulite

●Improves circulation

●Firms skin

●Stimulates lymph drainage

●Stimulates acupuncture meridians

●Strong detoxication support

Well-Scents Suggested Use of Go-Go: Wear as a chest rub with bronchial and upper respiratory colds or infections. Can be applied directly to chest and bottoms of feet (before bed.) Can be used for support with detoxification and lymphatic drainage with the addition of a Clarisonic brush on neck and around the clavicle area or with a simple natural skin brush as well over the entire body.

Lyme Chick’s Suggested Use: I like to skin brush (I use this one) with Go-Go all over my whole body before stepping into a hot Epsom bath. That way, I get my detox pathways moving and the dead skin off before I bathe, which then allows the Epsom to do an even better job of pulling the toxins out.

If you’re interested in these incredible products, please visit http://www.well-scent.com

And thanks Well-Scent team for letting me sample and discover these gems!


Lyme Chick


About Lyme Chick

Lyme Disease advocate/warrior still learning about Lyme treatments/recovery and wishing to inform, support, and commiserate with others along the way.
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One Response to Well-Scent Essential Oil Lyme Specific Blends Review

  1. Sonia says:

    Hi Lyme Chick,
    What type of diffuser would you use for Balance? I read somewhere that you can’t use Ultrasonic diffusers with essential oils that are in a carrier oil such as jojoba, so I’m wondering what the other options are. What kind of diffuser do you use?


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