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  1. Elizabeth Leissner says:

    Hi, just wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on your blog and fb page. It’s very uplifting to read your posts and articles. I totally identify with you and your struggles. I have neuro Lyme disease since june/09. I also contracted babesiosis and bartonella. I’ve been on intense treatment ever since and still fighting. I am proud to say I have walked long way and regained a lot of control over my body and my disease. I am now learning to navigate life with chronic Lyme.
    I wish you the best of luck in your treatment, tons of patience and always hope.
    Take care!

  2. Monica Frate says:


    I keep seeing your fb page on the side of my own fb page so I clicked on the link. Everything you are doing is great! Everything I read was pretty much on par with what I went through. I was on antibiotics for five years straight. They saved my life but only brought me to a still non-functional point in living life. I did find a way and now I consider myself in recovery instead of battling infection. Im working full time and can live on my own and am healthy! I am happy to help in anyway I can. There’s someone in CT id recommend you see. He changed my LIFE. I got my life back, even more than I even realized I had lost it… if you get what I am saying? I think I was sick for 15 years. So now… Im better than I ever remember being. Which is crazy. Let me know if youre interested or want to talk.

    • Sylvia says:

      Hi Monica
      By name is Sylvia and I live in California. I’m seeing an llmd, and have Ben on IV antibiotics since January but was sick for years before that with severe nerve pain, tingling, numbness, etc. Now I’m exhausted,have joint pain, tingle and am too weak to do anything most of the time. What did you do to get better e. I feel like I’ll be sick forever! Any help would be much appreciated.
      Thanks, Sylvia

    • Emily says:

      Hi Monica,
      After two years of lots of doctors and undiagnosed symptoms, I was finally diagnosed with lyme disease. Now I need to find a doctor who can help me along my recovery path. I live in NYC and would love to get the name of the CT doctor you mention above, if you wouldn’t mind.
      Many thanks!

  3. Pat Petroski says:

    Hi, Came across you on Facebook. My husband after the 7th doctor and being diagnosed with Parkinson Disease has been diagnosed with cronic lyme disease. We just watched the film “Under Oue Skin”. I cannot believe what this disease is doing to him.

  4. Lori says:

    Are there Lyme Chick t shirts?

  5. Amy Jo Sirianni says:

    Lyme Chick,
    Your blog is great. I have been in the fog of Lyme for 30 years. I am seeing Dr. Jemsek now. Have you been to him? Antibiotic treatment, but a whole new approach while increasing the strenth of your immune system. You scared me with the information you toook antibiotics for so many months and still have the same symptoms. I am praying this approach works for me. I have lost many symtoms already. Dr. Jemsesk is in DC and can be investigated at Keep fighting, there is nothing else to do. Believe me, I know. I’ve been fighting for 30 years.
    Lyme Lady

    • Amy Jo Sirianni says:

      I was on aral antibiotics for 5 years in the past. They did get me on my feet again and I did well for five years. But no immune building and probiotics ( except on my own) I am so grateful now to have a doctor tend to all aspects of my health and well being. He uses eastern ans western treatments and a gluten free/sugar free diet. I can’t express the importance of the diet. All other diets will increase the inflammation that the bacteria and it’s toxins cause. Lyme Lady

  6. Sage says:

    I am new here. Recently relasped and in a lot of pain today along with headache. I have been battling Lyme ever since May of 1980. I was 21 and I am 53 now. It has been a lifetime of challenges and antibiotics along with other meds and alternative medicine. You name
    the treatment modality and I have tried it. In too much pain to go into details and history today.
    Will you guys be my friends and support system. It has been so long my support systems
    and networking places no longer exist and many are no longer active on the internet. Could
    someone or somebodies be my support system. Please respond and thank you. I would
    certainly appreciate it.

  7. Alicia Lazar says:


    I am looking for some help or support or quite honestly I don’t even know exactly what I am looking for. I am slowly losing the hope of ever finding out what is even wrong with me. I have seen so many doctors and I look incredibly healthy on paper but every day I lose more and more of myself to whatever is eating my mind and plaguing my body. It’s such a scary road to have your mind feel confused and have such incredible problems even speaking some days. I feel a complete disconnect between my mind and my body. I have the most indescribable sensations throughout my body and lose complete feeling sometimes. I feel like I can’t react in a natural way emotionally to normal situations. The amount of pain in my muscles and joints in unbearable most days at this point. No one can explain and all my tests say I am healthy. I have been accused of just being crazy but I know in my heart that is not the case, I’ve honestly considered the fact. My neurologist says not to see a Lyme Literate doctor because they just diagnose everyone that walks through their door with Lyme and I will most likely be misdiagnosed. I am so afraid and truly just want to even remember what it was like to have a body that wasn’t betraying me. I’d love to just talk with someone who understands and hear their opinion on what I should do. I appreciate you speaking out so much and the amount of effort you put into this.

    Thank you so much,

  8. Mary Michael says:

    I have started a website and was wondering if I can advertise your page on my website to direct people to your page.

  9. Sal Vetro says:

    Helllo Maisie, I sent you a long e-mail. I hope you get to read it . I liked you video and felt like I was saying your words. I hate when people, especially the medical field of people who look at you and say ” You don’t look like you have Lymes ” . I saw a Pain Doctor that said that to me and I just walked out in tears . How can anyone see what we feel . They don’t see us curled in a fetus position hoping to just die . I hear so many suicide stories and have thought and almost attempted it myself . I have never hit rock bottom before and we need to assure people that there is Hope and people eho do believe us. We aren’t Crazy, Drug Addicts and Lazy . WE HAVE LYMES ! I highly advise everyone to watch ” Under Our Skin ” . It is sad but it makes you feel better that you are not alone . Please feel free to email me or visit Lyme Disease Organizations and Awareness and chat .

  10. Lauren Rowe says:

    Dear Lymechick,

    My name is Lauren and I just got diagnosed with chronic lyme disease. I am scared and worried that it is going to affect my future career and life seeing as how I am only 18. My mom has has Lyme for at least 20 years and she passed it genetically to me when she was pregnant. Currently, I have learned to live with the symptoms and my body it seems has learned to live with them, but I fear that with time they will begin to show. I am going off to college in the fall and am worried about not being able to function life everyone else. I am working with a Lyme doctor and detoxing as much as possible. Is there any advice as to other things I can do to continue to be heathy and active and to overcome this difficult time?

  11. Concerned Wife says:


    I hope you are starting to get relief. My husband was diagnosed last year. He has a plethora of symptoms. He is taking oral antibiotics and other medications to offset the symptoms. It is really hard on our marriage. I just want him to get better and be the man I married. I have been looking at IV antibiotics, but he is resistant to the idea. Are you getting better, and what is helping? Please respond @

  12. Holly says:

    Is it ok for me to link some of your videos to my own blog? They would really help in explaining Lyme to my friends & herxing. Thanks & I hope you are having a great day!

  13. Michelle says:

    hey lymechick, what kind of natural rememdies have you tried?? they have done studies on samento/banderol that u might want to look at…. also ondamed biofeedback has proven to be extrememly useful…kindof similar to rife, but diff in the fact that its more precise with its target.
    also, A.C.T is doing great for ppl as well as a tool to help retrain the body’s immune system and brain to see the threats and actually go after them.. i’ll just leave you a few links to click through.. many blessings and i pray the Lord will touch and heal you completely. ~Michelle (studies on samento/banderol)

  14. Hyperbaric and a very low carb diet have helped me immensely. I was also on the marshall protocol for 2 years and it is an amazing protocol for killing and made a huge difference in my life. I was basically bedridden in 2008 and 2009 with worsening symptoms and I am now working out and exercising each day. I am willing to share what I have done with anyone who wants to know.

  15. Michelle says:

    Do u have any remaining symptoms, David? Glad you are doing better!!! ~Michelle

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